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We ship throughout the United States - Do you need pony beads in California? or need pony beads in San Francisco? Our online pony beads store can ship beads to you in Los Angeles or any other place in the US.

Get pony beads delivered for your kandi to LA Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Texas, Florida and all over the US!

We ship pony beads Australia, UK, Canada? We ship internationally!

We have distributor opportunities for beads stores. We are looking for beads stores in San Francisco and beads store in Los Angeles and other cities to offer pony beads locally.

We have lots of different colors of pony beads for you to create jewelry, crafts and other creative things. Our pony beads are Made in the USA and packed and shipped with love! We offer fast shipping for our pony beads so you can have them in time for special projects and events. We also have mini pony beads coming soon! These are a smaller version of your favorite pony beads! Colors include opaque color pony beads, transparent pony beads and pretty pearl pony beads. We also have glitter pony beads and glow in the dark pony beads.
PONY BEADS - Quick Facts & Information
The classic pony bead size is 6 wide and 9mm tall (or 9mm in diameter). The hole size is about 4mm (which is about 1/16")

The shape of a pony bead can be described as a barrel or fat tire.

Mini pony beads are a smaller version of the classic pony beads, they measure 5x7mm.

Our alphabet beads work well with either size pony bead.


We know that everyone's computer screen will show colors differently, so we have an awesome pony bead color card that has all the different pony beads colors on the card so you can see them in person.

Pony beads come in several different types of colors.

Opaque Pony Beads are solid colors which are not see-through
Transparent Pony beads are shiny, see-through beads like colored glass
Pearlized Pony beads have a pretty finish to look like pearls
Glitter Pony beads are transparent pony beads with glitter in them
Glow in the Dark pony beads give off a subtle green glow in darkness
Frosted pony beads look sort of like frosted glass, not shiny


We offer mixed colors and specific colors

You've gotta have pony beads to make awesome rave kandi. Pony beads come in tons of colors and you can string them in different color combination and pony bead patterns.

You can choose pony beads in individual colors or in a variety of color mixes such as glow in the dark pony beads, neon mix pony beads, opaque mix pony beads, transparent pony beads, pearlized pony beads and glitter pony beads.

Use pony beads along with alphabet beads and number beads to make rave kandi bracelets and kandi cuffs. Take a look at our pony bead patterns and ideas.

Look for Pony Beads in Bulk here - bulk packages for all of your fun pony bead projects!

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Pick specific letter beads & number beads and mixed packs
Use plastic alphabet beads to customized your rave kandi by spelling out names and special sayings. You can use number beads to spell out the year, date or other creative message. Number beads are available in different sizes, round number beads and cube number beads. Click here to see alphabet beads and number beads.

We have over 120 colors of plastic pony beads
for orders of $20 or more

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Personalize rave kandi with alphabet beads.
Use number beads to create custom designs and add colorful pony beads.
Use heart beads, butterfly beads, star beads and sea animal beads to make one of a kind rave kandi. We also have safari animal beads such as lion beads, giraffe beads and other animals. Add jack-o-lanter beads (pumpkin beads) and bat beads for Halloween themed rave kandi. Take a look at our different plastic beads in different colors.

Make your own unique and creative rave kandi with plastic pony beads Add plastic alphabet beads and number beads to your creations for more personalization and custom designed rave kandi.

To make rave kandi bracelets, rave kandi cuffs, rave kandi necklaces, or name bracelets, all you need are pony beads, alphabet beads and stretch cord. Simply string on the beads and knot. You can also use stretch cord to string and weave the pony beads and alphabet beads to make cuff bracelets.

If you make a lot of rave kandi, we have pony beads in larger packages so you can save money too!

If you want to be creative and want to make key chains or book marks, you can use vertical hole alphabet beads. The holes run from top to bottom so that the beads hang downwards and read from top to bottom. Vertical alphabet beads are available in mixed letters and mixed numbers or you choose specific letter beads or specific number beads to customize your bead project.

Alphabet beads let you create personalized rave kandi and beaded jewelry, accessories and gifts. You can spell out a special word or message or someone's name. Single alphabet beads are available if you just need certain letters. If you want an assortment of letters to work with, we also have alphabet beads in packages of mixed letters.

Cube beads with numbers on them and round number beads are another way to customize your craft projects. Use numbers to spell out the year, or any other special date or number.

Use different types of bead cording such as leather, hemp, stretch cord, beading wire, elastic, and other types of stringing materials to string beads.

Take a look at pony bead patterns and beading instructions on creating fun bead projects like stretch bracelets, beaded necklaces, key chains and more. offers a fun selection of beads and supplies for creating unique rave kandi, beaded jewelry and other accessories. Our product line includes alphabet beads and number beads, acrylic beads and plastic beads, plastic pony beads, pony beads in different shapes such as heart pony beads, star pony beads, butterfly pony beads and flower pony beads. We also offer a large variety of stringing materials and cording including cotton cord, stretch cord, elastic cord, hemp cord, and wire. Our online bead store also offers findings and supplies such as key rings, lanyard hooks, clasps, jump rings and more. You will love our online pony bead store. offers a large variety of brands that include quality products from
Bead Bee,
known for quality and a great variety in alphabet beads, number beads and plastic beads. We also offer quality tools and stringing materials from the Bead Smith. To provide you with a fantastic selection, we also offer Darice brand beads, tools and supplies. We also carry brand name stringing materials such as Stretch Magic, Soft Flex, and Flex Rite.

If you need pony beads in larger quantities, we offer cheap pony beads in packages of 130 grams (about 500 pony beads. Take a look at our great prices for wholesale pony beads.

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